KCC The Hawaiian Vanilla Trio Set

KCC The Hawaiian Vanilla Trio Set

Give the gift of Vanilla variety this holiday season with the new Hawaiian Vanilla Trio set! Each Vanilla Trio set box contains the following:

  • 4 oz. Pure Hawaiian Vanilla Extract: Considered by many to be the Gold standard for global vanilla extract, we invite you to try for the first time (or replenish your supply) the amazing flavor of Hawaiian Vanilla's award-winning signature extract.
  • 4 oz. Hawaiian Vanilla Rum Extract: Ian's favorite! With extract only traditionally having 2 ingredients (Vanilla and Alcohol) pairing the amazing flavor of Rum with the Hawaiian Vanilla bean has been a long time coming! Tones of Rum flavor permeate this extract making it exceptional in all types of cooking, but especially effective in recipes where the chef can use the extra sweetness the Rum provides.
  • 4 oz. Hawaiian Vanilla Whiskey Extract: Our new scotch whiskey extract gives adventurous chefs the opportunity to cook with a new dark, rich vanilla flavor that only extracts made with whiskey can produce. Exceptional in any recipe containing chocolate.

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