How To: Make Your Own Hawaiian Vanilla Extract 

Interested in making your own Vanilla Extract? Watch the Video Guide above or use the below Recipe!


1 x Hawaiian Vanilla Extract Making Kit 

12 oz. of Alcohol (see Alcohol guide at bottom of Page)

1 x Empty 6 oz. Container


Step 1: Remove Vanilla Beans from Extract Making Kit and with a sharp knife slice the beans down the center exposing the fine, black Vanilla Bean seeds on the inside of the Vanilla Bean. Cut all 3 beans. Place Vanilla Beans back in Jar.

Step 2: Fill Jar with your favorite Alcohol.

Step 3: Place Jar in a cool, dark environment for 6 months. After 6 months, remove lid from Jar and smell. Strong Vanilla odor should be present. If Alcohol smell is stronger than Vanilla smell, put lid back on and let sit another month. Keep checking until strong Vanilla Smell is present.

Step 4: After verifying smell is there, decant the top 6 ounces of your now finished extract into an empty 6 ounce container. Pour very slowly/carefully, we want to keep as much of the Vanilla Seeds inside the original bottle as possible.

Step 5: After decanting finished Extract off of bottle, refill your original bottle with fresh Alcohol. We are now making more extract off the same Vanilla Beans! Wait another 6 months then repeat step 4-5, you can get a fresh batch of Extract every 6 months for the next 3 years! 

☀️NEW PRODUCT: Limited Edition Vanilla Extract Making Kit ☀️

See Ian's Vanilla Extract Alcohol Guide At The Bottom Of This Email!

Limited Edition Vanilla Extract Making Kits

Aloha All!
I am very excited to share with you all our newest take on one of our oldest products, introducing the pre-filled Limited Edition Vanilla Extract Making kits!
Pre-filled not only with top-shelf spirits, each of these bottles contains 2 tablespoons of Vanilla Extract flavoring "Mother/Starter" from our aged Extract Barrels, making these the strongest and most flavorful Extract Factory Kits we have ever offered.
As a bonus, all of the Vanilla Beans used in these kits are from our 2022 HVC Harvest, making this kit extra special.
These Kits will be ready for use on or before 11/1/2023, buy them now, store them in a cool, dark environment, use this top quality best handcrafted extract as gifts or for Holiday 2023 cooking!
These Limited Edition Bottles, hand signed and dated by Hawaiian Vanilla owner Ian Reddekopp come in 2 offerings.
See below for Ian's recommended uses for the 3 Distinctive Vanilla Flavors offered as well as a short video explaining this new product in more detail!

Ian's Extract Guide

Let's talk about Extract! As many of you know, extract contains 2 ingredients (normally), alcohol and vanilla beans. The amazing thing about making your own Vanilla Extract at home, is that by using different types/flavors of alcohol, you can create unique types of vanilla flavoring (extract) that can be used in varying styles of cooking. Below I have explained the 3 different alcohols we are utilizing in this limited edition series of Vanilla Extract Making Kits, please feel free to email me with any questions at

Vodka / Grain Alcohol

Your standard for most extract made. Clear Grain Alcohol provides you with an Extract that lets the Pure Flavor of Vanilla shine! No added flavor, just simple, exqusite Vanilla flavor. In our Extract lineup this would be the neutral, not too sweet, not too rich, right in the middle! 

Dark Rum

My personal favorite! Due to the higher sugar content and strong flavor of a good Dark Rum, this extract is widely regarded as having the strongest and most distinct flavor of our 3 offerings. This extract will blow away (in a good way) the other extracts in certain dishes, but due to its distinct flavor (the rum flavor will stick around) it cannot be used in everything like the Standard Extract can.

Scotch / Whiskey

An amazing low, rich, dark flavor is Scotch Vanilla Extracts calling card. Amazing for Chocolate Brownies or Cakes, and used in our Vanilla Kitchen for any savory vanilla applications. The richest extract of the 3. Expect to see more and more recipes calling for Whiskey Extract in the future!