Adopt-A-Vanilla Vine / Field 005 Founder Program

Price: $399.95

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We are so excited to launch our Adopt-A-Vanilla Vine: Field Founder program!

Adopt-A-Vine yourself or Adopt-A-Vine as a Gift! See below.

What is Adopt-A-Vanilla Vine: Field Founder: You are helping Hawaiian Vanilla build a new Vanilla growhouse by symbolically adopting one of the vines that will call this new facility home! This will be the 5th growhouse built, and will be the first facility built at our new Pahoa location!

By participating in our Adopt-A-Vanilla Vine / Field Founder program, you are making a special donation that supports the Hawaiian Vanilla Company and its mission of inspiring growth and development of the vanilla industry in Hawaii.

The team at Hawaiian Vanilla needs your help to build our next Vanilla grow facility! Support USA-grown Vanilla!

What do I get as an Adopter/Founder?:

By helping us start this facility you will receive the following...

1) Vanilla Beans! You are adopting a vine, so you should get some of the Vanilla Beans it produces!

 Every year the Vine you adopt produces, you will get one of the Vanilla Beans mailed to you*! What can you do with those beans? See the Virtual Farm Tour perk below.

2) A Limited Edition Hawaiian Vanilla Field Founder T-Shirt: Get your one-of-a-kind Field Founder T-Shirt to wear with pride! Let everyone know you supported Hawaiian Agriculture and the future of US Vanilla production!

3) A Serialized Adoption Certificate with details on your Vanilla Vine and where your vine is located.

4) Access to exclusive Field Founder Only Email Updates and Camera Access** Want to watch a Vanilla Farm in real-time? Our Farm Founders will get access** to their field's camera system, 24/7/365 days a year! Email notifications will be sent out when Flowering, Harvesting, or other exciting events are happening so you can watch them in real-time! Email updates will be provided to Adopters / Founders as facility construction commences.

5) Founders Kit: Why not make some extract off the Vanilla Beans from YOUR Vanilla Vine! That way every time you bake, you can say the Vanilla came from your Vine in Hawaii! The Founders Kit is our standard Extract Making Kit with some Hawaiian Vanilla Beans from our current Fields to get your starter going. When you start receiving your Vanilla Beans from your Vine, you can split and add them to the starter. For more information on making your own Extract see our tutorial here, this tutorial is also included in the Virtual Farm Tour (see below).

6) Buying This As A Gift? 🎁 Virtual Farm Tour: Included in the initial package received by an Adopter / Founder (Founder Shirt, Adoption Certificate, Founders Kit, etc.) will be information on how to access a new Virtual Farm Tour! This Virtual Farm Tour filmed with Ian (2nd generation Vanilla Farmer and Owner of HVC) will tell new and "returning" Vanilla Enthusiasts how Vanilla is grown and produced, as well as how to make your own extract! The ultimate Vanilla Educational Experience next to visiting the Farm itself!Your support will also mean more Vanilla grown in Hawaii, more jobs provided to Hawaiian people, and more amazing Vanilla products.

*Vanilla Vines take 3 years to grow to full-size, first Adoption Vanilla Beans will ship Summer of 2026 (est.). The Adoption / Founder package includes 3 initial Hawaiian Vanilla beans (from current fields) shipped at the time of purchase, and a bean a year (shipped every summer) for 12 years (15 Beans total).

** Camera Access will not be available till January 2024 (est.)

Project Timeline:

- August 2023: Raise funds for Vanilla Facility 005

- September 2023: Founders Kits mailed, Virtual Farm Tour Live, site preparation for VF005 begins, first Founders Email updates go out.

- October 2023: VF005 Facility Construction begins, bi-weekly email and video updates for founders.

- January 2024: VF005 Construction Complete, Camera Access provided to Founders.

- 2024 - Monthly Updates on Founded Field to Founders.

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