A close call on the farm

I always believe that God is watching over us. This last week was a very scary one for our Son, Isaac Reddekopp. I had given Isaac the task of putting the shaft back onto the mower which he accomplished with good stride. The weeds had grown for sometime and mowing was long over due. We then had to first unhitched the backhoe from the tractor before we could add the mower back on. During the process we had a little accident. There was a small leek in one of the hydraulic hoses. Isaac said “Dad, I got it, I will just hold it closed with my hand” 🙁 That’s hydraulic fluid coming out at 3,000 psi…..

What happen after that is a tale of pain, and blessing. The fluid tore through a portion of his middle finger in two places. Isaac seemed ok at first. We washed out the cuts and put some healing ointment. Three days went by and everything seemed fine. On the forth day Isaac went to play soccer and came home with swelling and dark coloring around the cuts. Next day Tracy took Isaac into Kaiser for the doctor to look at it. Doctor did not what she saw and gave Isaac some shots and antibiotics. She said let’s watch it for a day.Next day’s check up had Isaac on a plane to Oahu for surgery to save his finger from having to be removed. It was a long night for all of us and I think Isaac was extremely brave.

The next day was probably the worst for Isaac. In order to save the finger the had to remove veins from another part of his hand and unplug some of the clogged veins that were infected. This was extremely painful process and all of this was after the surgery. Isaac comment to his Mother that he thought the doctor didn’t like him. The doctor later explained that this was the best method of removing the blocked veins. Anyway, Isaac was able to save his finger and I was educated on the power and effect of hydraulic fluid. If something like that ever happens
to you, please go into the doctor asap.

Here is a happier picture with Isaac and his Mother.

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