Extending Your Vanilla Extract

So you’ve made a batch of exceptional vanilla extract! But what to do now?

Most extract batches can make multiple runs of extract. Lets revisit the basic vanilla recipe. Three vanilla beans in twelve ounces of alcohol. Let it sit for four-eight months or until the alcohol turns a nice dark brown.

Step 1: Now at this point, before using your extract, decanter the top four ounces ( one third of your total amount of liquid) off the top of the bottle.

Step 2: Start using that four ounces you decanterd off the top of the bottle.

Step 3: Refill that top third you just took off the top with new alcohol.

Step 4: Let sit for six to eight weeks. After that time the top four ounces will have changed into more extract

Step 5: Repeat steps one through four for multiple batches of extract.

Step 6: Every twelve months add a new vanilla bean to your extract.

Step 7: Enjoy Vanilla Extract for the rest of your life!

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