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    Vanilla Mulled Wine

    Ahhhhhh, it’s Saturday…..time to slow down and anticipate a relaxing winter evening.  We hopefully will be warming up soon on the Mountain!  Today is glorious–clear, crisp,...

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    Hot Buttered Vanilla-Rum

    It has been cold and rainy on our mountain in Hawaii. I’m not complaining, but rather enjoying the change of pace. Sometimes, it is nice to...

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    A Vanilla Mary

    Friday Vanilla Libations from The Vanilla ChefI made this first with my sister who was visiting, oh, back ten years or so. She was a bartender...

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    Flavoring Alcohol With Vanilla

    Flavoring your alcohol with vanilla is one of the easiest ways to take your drinks to the next level. We recommend one vanilla bean to every...

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    Making Vanilla Lemonade

    For those of you who have had the opportunity to visit the Hawaiian Vanilla Mill in Paauilo, Hawaii you might of sampled a glass of our...

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