How to Make Vanilla Extract

Making your own Vanilla Extract is an extremely worthwhile practice. Not only is commercialized extract made with normally very low quality vanilla, laws set in place during prohibition heavily limit the amount of alcohol used in extract. For an excellent ready to use extract please click here. For instructions on how to make the purest extract in the world, please read below.


1-3 Vanilla Bean’s

12oz.-14oz. Bottle

12-14oz. Vodka (80-90 proof)


Split your vanilla beans down the middle. Add the vanilla beans to your bottle. The more vanilla you can put in you bottle the better your extract will be. I recommend three vanilla beans for exceptional flavor. Fill your bottle up with your favorite alcohol (ex. vodka, whiskey, rum) I highly recommend vodka due to the fact that it will not add any flavor to the finished extract. Vodka will also turn a dark brown color when completed. After filling your bottle with alcohol be prepared to wait. With three beans inside a twelve ounce bottle you will have a three to four month wait period. After three to four months your extract will be a dark brown color. It is now ready to use. You can still use the same amount inside your recipes (ex. a recipe call for a tsp., use a tsp.). it is just going to make your food taste one hundred percent better. This extract you just made will last for a very long time (10-20 yrs.) but you can still use those beans! To learn how to create multiple batches of this exceptional extract with the same vanilla beans click here!


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