Meatless Monday Taco Salad

What dressing goes good on a Taco Salad?

I love a good, big salad. Especially when we grow the crisp greens and they are so fresh you can practically feel the goodness in them. Especially when the tomatoes and cilantro are grown right down the street. The onions are from Maui. I love that we can get good, fresh food to feed our family. I also have some black beans sprinkled in and also some black olives (those came from a can–however, I did make the refried beans from scratch–don’t forget a hint of cinnamon & vanilla added into the pot at the very end!)

We will crumble the tortilla chips on the top and then dress it with our Vanilla Champagne Vinaigrette. It really is such a delicious combination. It is brighter and lighter than the traditional thick and heavy Ranch style dressing that is usually paired with this salad. I actually crave this salad–so we have it, um, a lot. Probably once a week when our lettuce is going off. I also like this dressing drizzled over my Quinoa and Shrimp salad that I re-made from a salad I had at Mariposa on Oahu. I’ll have to post that one soon–it’s perfect for a Spring luncheon, or even Mother’s Day. Enjoy!