Product Making With The Vanilla Boys

A Family Business…

It’s not easy owning your own business, it’s hard work. It’s a battle day in and day out. Some people will say that owning your own business allows you to create you own hours, take vacations when you want, and spend money when and where you want.

Tracy and I really had no real plan to start our own company. We new we wanted to raise our family in a rural environment where we all cared for one another and were focused inward, towards each other. We had a dream, a vision of what the Hawaiian Vanilla Co. could become. If we really new how hard this was going to be in the beginning we probably would not have started the company. Today, we are sure glad we did. Our Vineyards are being restored, our work force is mostly family and the kids are ALMOST all grown up.

But there is something greater in what we set out to do, and that is to raise a family. This is truly the hardest thing any parent will ever do. I higher task than any profession anywhere. And in order to do it right you have to finish well. Our oldest son Ian, is married and has a family of his own. Our daughter Emma is with us for just a couple more years and we cherish every moment with her. Our task to finish well is with our last three boys, Isaac, Elliot & Aidan. To teach and instruct the values of our family so they can take the values into their own lives and future families. It’s not easy, it’s hard.

Here some photos of them getting ready for the Holiday Vanilla Product Rush.

It’s more than creating your own 12 hour work days, taking trips when you can and wanting to spending money when you can’t. It’s about teaching them to be kind, honest and never give up on their dreams. Encouraging one another, and giving thanks in the difficult times…the photo I have including is from this Sat. Work day with the boys. All smiles while working, just finishing the day kicking off our holidays season with Tracy making beef stew, sparkling cinder, pumpkin candles and Harry Potter all 7.5 of them. Hope your holiday season is real.