Three Hawaiian Vanilla Beans In A Bottle

Three Hawaiian Vanilla Beans In A Bottle

Get an extract-making kit of the finest, highest quality vanilla. 

When you get this little vanilla factory in the mail, simply add your liquor of choice (some of our favorites are vodka, whiskey, or rum!) and in 6-9 months your own unique vanilla extract will be ready for use! When the beans start to surface above the liquid, just add more spirits.

To have a never-ending supply of vanilla extract, simply add a new bean each year, which is where our subscription comes in! Subscribe to automatically receive three new vanilla beans a year from now to add to your vanilla factory.

Our beans are sourced from our farm and sister farms to give you an exceptionally well rounded flavor. Use it in your dishes to add visual effects, aroma, and superb flavor.


How the subscription works:

With this subscription, you'll get the Vanilla Factory (three beans in a beautiful bottle). Each year at this time, we'll send you three new beans so you have fresh, unique vanilla always without ever having to get vanilla extract from the store again. 

Other Features

  • Adjustable shipping frequency
  • Cancel at any time

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